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Friday, March 16, 2007

A Truly Creative Recording Experience

Most people have an idea of a recording experience as singing in a booth. This is an idea which has crept in over the last few years with more and more intent on a quick low-budget product you could concoct on your computer at home for less.

Singer experiences or singing experiences are indeed on our menu, although we include within our scope the fantastic five-hour experience in which you may choose to record traditional pop, self-penned material, classical and opera styles, musical hits or virtually any other genre. During this generous space of time you will be given vocal and microphone coaching relevant to the studio, you will be able to rehearse and polish your perfomance under expert guidance, you may be able to adjust the backing music made available to you for key pitch or even alter the production, depending on the type of music you are working with. You will, if desired, learn about backing vocals, and be able to record many layers of your own vocals. Your production specialist engineer will help you to decide which type of tracks suit your voice, and how your voice can be recorded to its best potential.

Most singers are amazed by the quality of the recording they receive after a Beehouse session, which is of professional standard both in the recording and in the mixing and mastering. More importantly, you will have the time to relax and get the best out of your vocals.

If you decide to record instrumentals, you may, again, record your own music, or you may opt to develop a pre-existing track, song or piece according to your own style. A recent recording was made by a young and talented French horn player of an Elton John track, where the artist recorded not only horn elements to the accompanying music, but also the vocal in what was a rich and impressive version of the original. More typically, some singers record with the guitar or the piano.

Whatever your musical edge, we at the studio have the experience to work with you to produce a CD which reflects the spectrum of your talents, and shows your ability to its full. We are also pleased to be able to provide DJ experiences and music productionc experiences for the would-be recording engineer. Please visit our website and get in touch with your project ideas.
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