Recording Studio Reviews

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Recording Studio Reviews

What did you think of our recording studio? Here are some comments of artists and customers who have recorded at the studio, fresh from our visitors' book.

Recording Studio ReviewsNovember 15th , 2007Thanks for a fantastic day, we were made very welcome, helping to relax and enjoy our day immensely. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
(Kevin and Jayne O'Flinn )

Recording Studio ExperienceNovember 10th , 2007I had a very enjoyable experience today! I have learnt a great deal about my voice and I am very touched to be one of your "one in a hundred" voices! I am looking forward to my family being able to hear the CD, especially seeing my grandmother smile. Thanks again .
(Louise Bagshaw )

Recording Studio ReviewsNovember 9th , 2007A smashing day, really enjoyed it, thanks for your hospitality, end results better than expected!
(Robert Norfolk )

Recording Studio ExperienceNovember 2nd , 2007Like the other folks on this page, I've also had an excellent day. It's exciting to "go through the process" and I'm delighted with the end results. Many thanks for your hospitality too!.
(Gregg Rogers)

Recording Studio Reviews October 25th , 2007Great, thanks for everything!
(Lawrence Moulin ) Recording Studio ExperienceOctober 22nd , 2007What a wonderful day. I still cannot sing, but I have a great recording of how well I can't sing. Lovely people who made me feel very welcome. -Do it whenever you can!
(Peter Humble )
Recording Studio Reviews October 12th , 2007Fantastic experience - you soon calmed my nerves - I really enjoyed myself and look forward to playing the CD to the family. Thank you - highly recommended. (Alanis Morrisette rules!)
(Karen Nicholls )
Music ExperienceOctober 11th , 2007Being talentless was not the best of starts....but that's enough about Phil. Had a great two days....want more. We shall return. Captured exactly as imagined. Thanks Phil, fantastic time, great engineering!! We shall return....
(Graham Holland and Stuart)
Recording Studio Reviews September 28th, 2007I had a good time recording three tracks -two by The Who, and the other by Elton John .
(Paul Conroy )
Piano ExperienceSeptember 3rd , 2007I had a great day and I'm really glad to have been able to get some of my piano pieces onto CD! Would happily do it again Thank you!
(Hettie Thorneycroft)
Recording Studio Reviews August 30th , 2007Wow, that was well good! Thank you Phil and Jane for helping me make my disk, I really enjoyed it - very glad that I got to come. I've had a lovely time and Phil, thank you for being honest with me! I enjoyed working with you both, all the best for the future and hope to see you again soon!.
(Aimee-Louise xx )
Recording Studio Experience August 29th , 2007A great day in the studio with superb professional advice and production. Thank you very much .
(Andrew Pink, Nicole Axon and Tony Molyneux) Recording Studio Reviews August 23rd , 2007I really enjoyed today and I loved singing. Today was spectacular! I also enjoyed talking to everyone. i wish I could come again, and hopefully I will..
(Jade Nelson ) Recording Studio Experience August 16th , 2007Thank you so much. 18 years have gone by and you have brought one of my songs to fruition. Thank you for your patience.
(Tanya Allen ) Recording Studio Reviews August 9th , 2007Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Nervous at first but it didn't take long to feel comfortable .Thanks to you, I will be taking home a treasure. All the best for the time and patience.
(Alasdair Moore )
Recording Studio ExperienceAugust 3rd , 2007We had a great experience! Scared at first but soon made me feel at home. Great experience, good memories, thanks.
(Vitas Vazgauskas ) Recording Studio Reviews July 27th , 2007Great fun! Thanks for helping us to create something we can treasure forever. We really appreciate your tact, patience and expertise. Hope we haven't wrecked your equipment - or your eardrums!
(Jenny and Andy Price )
Recording Studio Reviews July 12th , 2007I had a fab day! Enjoyed myself immensely, would definitely come again, thank you so much.
(Hannah Giles )
Recording Studio Reviews June 30th , 2007We had an amazing day - the culmination of a lot of rehearsing over months - we now feel confident we can tackle Glastonbury next year! Many thanks!
("The Four" ) Recording Studio Reviews June 20th , 2007Thank you for a lovely day, such a nice relaxed atmosphere, really calmed my nerves. Looking forward to the record contract! .
(Lorna-Faye Lambert )
Recording Studio Reviews May 21st , 2007Really enjoyed the experience! Can't believe how good I sounded (well, in my opinion??)! Brilliant equipment and technology. Thanks Phil and Jane for giving me a wonderful reminder to listen to for years! Would like to do it again one day....cheers! .
(Alan Leech)
Recording Studio Reviews May 19th , 2007Loved it! My kids bought me this treat for my 60th. Felt like a re-cycled teenager!!! Well planned s0o made me feel relaxed. Phil was very gentle with me , offering advice and encouragement. Thanks again.
(Preston Baynham-Hughes )
Recording Studio Reviews May 4th , 2007Brilliant fun! Thanks for being so friendly and helpful. I have had a fantabulous time!
(Arianne Timmis ) Recording Studio Reviews April 16th , 2007Thank you very much, I have really enjoyed myself today, and I'm pleased that I have recorded the CD with 9 tracks on.
See you soon! .
(Katie Brisbourne )
Recording Studio Reviews April 7th , 2007Thank you so much for such a great day. Wonderful relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Great piano! Thanks again and hopefully see you soon.
(James Downham )
Recording Studio Reviews April 4th , 2007Thanks for a wonderful day, and for making my friend Humayra's birthday all the more special. Remember us...we will remember you. Thanx again.
(Ella-Louise xx )
April 4th , 2007Thanks so much for a great day. We all had a fab time, especially our best friend Humayra. Remember us - the "Bootylicious Brunettes"
(Layla )
April 4th , 2007Thanx for a very special day - made our best m8z 16th very special. Thanx(Muah, Nuf, Zeba )
April 4th , 2007Thank you sooooo much for today, you're fab! Hope to come again soon! Thanx! (Janki )
April 4th , 2007Thank you so much for today! I had so much fun!(Sidrax)
April 4th , 2007This day was the greatest ever - you guys gave me the best birthday ever and I got to spend it with my most special friends! Thanks so much.(Humayra )
April 4th , 2007We had a really great day and had LOADS of fun. We hope we have another opportunity like this! Thank You!(Dua and Iqraa )
Recording Studio Reviews March 19th , 2007A great day, really enjoyed the experience. Will do it again definitely.(Martyn and Kate )

Recording Studio ExperienceMarch 14th , 2007Phil, thanks very much. We have had a great day and a record of our visit (David and Shelley )

Recording Studio Reviews March 12th , 2007Had a really good day, thanks you so much, you've made me feel comfortable and welcome! Will definitely be recommending you! (Jim and Laura)

February 19th , 2007We had a really good day. Thanks. Beautiful spot to make music - the music was beautiful too!(Bruce, Jessica and Laura Roberts)

Recording Studio Reviews February 16th , 2007Had a great time. Felt very comfortable. Thank you very much. Was brilliant. (Kara Guaracci ) Recording Studio ExperienceFebruary 15th , 2007Fantastic day, really enjoyed using all the equipment and learning about mic positioning. really pleased with the overall mastered sound of the tracks. Thanks a lot!! Had a lovely time, the quality of the music is brill! Thanks a million! Maybe see you soon? (Jim Deeny, Lucy Hayes)

Recording Studio Reviews January 4th , 2007Great fun, everyone had a really good day with confidence built. Both of you were so patient with beginners, and we fell that it was great that you got the best out of all of us...even the one who didn't really want to sing! Thanks! (Steve, Daniele, Dominique and Izzi )

December 18th , 2006Really lovely people made us feel welcome. great relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for a great day! (Caroline Wilson )

November 30th , 2006I have had a brilliant day. thank you so much for helping me fulfil one of my ambitions. I was nervous to start with, but the relaxed atmosphere helped me to sing my heart out! Thanks again.(Victoria Foulger)

October 27th , 2006Had a brilliant day, thank you! The finished CD sounds fab! Will definitely recommend you. Thanks again! (Mandy Gudgeon)Recording Studio Reviews October 16th , 2006Such a fantastic day out! I had loads of fun and was amazed by the finished product. Can't believe it's me!!! A wonderful gift, Jane and Phil made me feel most welcome and the scenery is beautiful. Thank you once again.(Natalie Hutchins)Recording Studio ExperienceSeptember 29th , 2006It's been brilliant. Thank you so much.(Sophie Wooldridge, Worcestershire) Recording Studio ExperienceSeptember 22nd , 2006Learnt loads, great fun.(Tony Marks, Stoke-on-Trent) Music Experience September 22nd , 2006Great day, thanks. Friendly and professional. Does what it says on the tin. Thanx.(P Stazaker, Bearwithers,and Joe Cartwright, Stoke-on-Trent)
Recording Studio ExperienceSeptember 5th , 2006
Thank you so much for fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams, I have had a great day, and learned so much....(Katherine Hewat-Jaboor, Essex)) Recording Studio ExperienceJuly 8th , 2006A thoroughly enjoyable experience - a good way to get away from all the stresses and strains of moving house - total escapism. A really quality production and no small miracle involved in making me sound half decent - thanks very much!.(Clare Stevenson, Lichfield)

June 19th , 2006Thank you so much for a fantastic day, I'm so impressed with the finished product, and will definitely come back if you'll have me!! Thank you again, Hayley.(Hayley Daviss, Swindon) Recording Studio ExperienceJune 9th , 2006What a fascinating day! Many thanks- you really made me feel relaxed and made me sound good! Recommend to anyone!(Kate Redfern, Eckington) Music ExperienceApril 24th , 2006Awesome day! Many thanks for all your help getting it right. Will be back very soon!!.(Simon Beckingham, Tadley) Songwriter ExperienceMarch 18th , 2006A fascinating, relaxing day recording an original song. Very professional and helpful throughout. Thanks to Phil and Jane.(Nick Mason, Staffordshire)
March 7th , 2006A brilliant day out of the decks recording a CD. I was shown how to cut and paste the tunes by a professional. Well recommended. (DJ Darren de Rozario, Flintshire)
Recording Studio ExperienceFebruary 8th , 2006Thoroughly enjoyable day. I was nervous at first as I wanted to have a really good quality CD and I didn't want to make any mistakes...but as soon as I stepped into the house I felt really comfortable and at ease, which resulted in me taking my time and using my time efficiently. I was also really impressed by having one of my tracks converted into a full song rather than acoustics like my other two. The tracks sound overall I'm very happy with the end product and would definitely come back. (Andy Olsen, guitarist, Stourbridge, West Midlands) Recording Studio ExperienceDecember 9th , 2005Achieved a long-awaited ambition today! Pity I had to wait until I was forty!! thank you for your time and patience, and making it such and enjoyable day (Janet Lambe, Dublin) Recording Studio ExperienceDecember 1st , 2005Well, what can I say? I've never felt so good whilst singing! A remarkable day, such a relaxed atmosphere and well looked after. A lovely memory to cherish forever. Many thanks. (Gail Simpson, Crewe) Recording Studio ExperienceAugust 26th , 2005Thank you for a great day! Didn't realise how much work goes into all this. Hopefully will be back again!!(Beth Davies, Wrexham) Recording Studio ExperienceOctober 28th , 2005Haven't had such a good time for ages. What a great experience! Thanks for giving us something to take away on the day, and for making us feel so welcome. (Nicky and Hayley Williams, Formby) Recording Studio ExperienceSeptember 10th , 2005Thank you so much for today - it was amazing! Not just having my own CD made, but the whole experience - I was enthralled!
(Kate Davies, Four Crosses) Recording Studio ExperienceAugust 26th , 2005Thank you for a great day! Didn't realise how much work goes into all this. Hopefully will be back again!!(Beth Davies, Wrexham) Recording Studio ExperienceAugust 6th , 2005An amazing day. Thank you so much for showing me my talent. Very professional, can't wait to come again. Hopefully a new step to changing my career. Thank you.
(Nicola Vale, Cambridge)
Recording Studio ExperienceJune 7th 2005I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful studio experience yesterday for Keshia. We all had an absolutely fantastic time. For me it was wonderful to see both Keshia's excitement and also how proud Mike was of her. I think it has done wonders for her self-confidence....(Helen Lucas)
Hen Party ExperienceMay 5th , 2005Had a fab time thank you. Bit nervous but we felt like pop stars.
(Hannah's Hens, Gloucestershire)
Recording Studio ExperienceNovember 20th, 2004A wonderful day. thank you. Being perfectionists and so professional at what you do has meant we've come away with a really special CD. Your friendly approach made us feel really welcome. Thank you.
(Jackie and Neil Sprason, Halesowen, Birmingham)
Recording Studio ExperienceNovember 13th , 2004A beautiful setting in which to fulfil a lifelong dream! Thanks to the Beehouse for such an uplifting experience in gorgeous surroundings.
(Julie Davidson)
October 30th , 2004Very, very fun! It was good to sing your heart out!And it was a fun Birthday Party!!! I would do it again! THANK YOU!
(Bethan and Carys Williams, Stoke-on-Trent)
October 27th , 2004Thank you for the time you spent with me. I had a fantastic time, never knew I could sound so good!!
(Beryl Jones, Manchester)
October 22nd , 2004Thanks very much, it was the fulfilment of a dream!
(Bethan Atkinson, Ruthin)
October 14th , 2004
Fascinating day! Great!
(Tony Cima, Gloucester)
October 1st , 2005A very enjoyable day. I had a great time and am very pleased with the results.
P. S. Good coffee!
(Matt Sansome, Stoke-on-Trent) February 18th, 2005
Firstly, let me say how much we enjoyed the day with you.....................................
The tracks are all very good but I was particularly 'blown away' by Evergreen. Obviously I'm going to be biased as Julie is my wife but I honestly prefer her interpretation of it to Streisands (it's certainly on a par). The 'harmonies' give it that something extra that the original didn't have. Quite 'haunting' I think............................... but the thing is, what the hell do we do with a track as good as that now? Sit on it at home?
I'm certainly going to put it on our web you mind if I put a link to your site on ours? Once again, many thanks and we hope to see you again sometime in the near future.
Best wishes
Karl and Julie, Oswestry, Shropshire
February 2004Thank you Beehouse!
My mum booked me into the studio for a birthday and Christmas present, after hearing on her voicemail, a rather sheepish and desperate version of a song I had just thought up. You see, I can't write music and had no means ofrecording my thoughts. I'd no intention of doing anything with my song, I didn't have the confidence, but I'm so glad now that my mum did.
"Well", I thought to myself, "It'll be a nice break away and a bit of a change if nothing else".
I must admit when I arrived, I was still slightly cynical........... but I soon realised I was dealing with professionals. They don't need to put on any false pretences because they really do know what they're doing. The relaxed atmosphere immediately put me at ease and enabled me to get the best out of my visit.
I had a wonderful time, to see my song evolve from an idea in my head to the real thing, was a dream come true. I left feeling confident and inspired. So again, thank you Chris, Phil and Jane, you're fab!
(Ellen, Stroud, Gloucestershire) November 1st 2003
After recording at the Beehouse we were amazed at just how well they do their job. With an extremely friendly atmosphere and a stress-free environment we managed to achieve all we planned in the time we had. Knowing exactly what we wanted before entering the studio, we were a little worried that things wouldn't go that smooth. I was wrong. The staff handled the material and recording like they had read our minds. Thanks for the experience and any one who is in the same business as us, try these guys. You will not be disappointed. Arcane Church, Shropshire
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Live4Metal : "I was shocked at how good this actually is" "a cracking good demo" "magnificently demonic"
Black Metal :"a wreck less urge of adrenalin" "this hot new UK band "
October 22nd 2003
"I started looking for a recording studio to record a CD back in May 2003, and I was initially going to go with a studio in Oswestry. However, due to unforeseeable problems, they were unable to offer me a date for recording until Dec 2003. I then chanced upon Beehouse Studios while browsing the internet. After speaking to Jane via email for a couple of weeks discussing my ideas and what I wanted to get out of the experience, I felt happy enough to go ahead and book a 3 day weekend package to record cover versions, and, if there was time, an original track.
Before I paid my deposit, I went up for a visit. The views are breathtaking. It made me feel more at home, as I live in the middle of nowhere as well. I had a chat with Chris, the production engineer, and he played me some tracks that other people had recorded. I was impressed with the quality of both the backing tracks and the vocals. I paid my deposit and booked for two weeks' time.
The overall experience was very enlightening. It's amazing to see just how much hard work goes into recording songs, and it makes you appreciate the songs in the charts more. No matter how appalling you think they are, a lot of time and effort goes in to make the finished product. I am very happy with the finished product, and hope to go back in the near future to finish my own song and record it. I would recommend Beehouse Studios to anyone, whether they are a professional artist or just someone who wants to record a song for an experience. They are wonderful people and they do a great job."
(Lydia Gray, Montgomery, Wales)
June 2nd 2003
"This being my first time actually recording my songs, I have to say that at first I was very curious and a bit confused as to how this would all work, but the people there were very nice and helped me gain a better understanding of the music world. My song has been played on the radio and my songs can be heard on the net, so I'm pretty much on my way. When I make it big I'll be sure to remember Beehouse Studios helped me.Thanx "
(Rebecca Londei, 16, United Arab Emirates) Rebecca, or Naree, has now completed her second recording session and has two albums under her belt. The third should arrive anytime now..
April 12th 2003
"Having worked in a number of studios over the years the end product never seemed to achieve the quality of the songs I listened to on the radio. I put this down to the fact that I could not afford enough studio time to achieve this level of production. I felt that I would never be able to produce my songs unless I acquired a senior label recording contract. How wrong I was! I'm currently recording an EP with Beehouse Studios within my budget and at the level of production I've always dreamed of. These people really care about my music and at last the feeling of rejection & frustration has disappeared.At last I feel I have a chance."(Andrew Harris, Llangammarch Wells, Powys)
April 9th 2003
Our Time at Beehouse Studios
"In August 2002 our band 'Neverfade' booked into Beehouse Studios to record a three-track demo. On arrival we were immediately made to feel at home - cups of tea all round. To begin with, Phil (the Producer) made sure to clarify how we wanted the overall production to sound. This was achieved by discussing & exchanging ideas before any recording was started, which put us at ease instantly because we knew that both band and producer were working towards the same goal.
The recording process was a very enjoyable experience - laidback but productive, and we were never made to feel pressured by time restraints etc. We felt in control of the product, for example if weren't satisfied with a particular sound, Phil would experiment and alter the sound until the desired result was achieved. Phil put emphasis on the quality of the overall product and even did additional mixing in his own free time. The tracks were mixed, mastered & then duplicated according to how many CDs were required. The finished CD exceeded our expectations and we would recommend Beehouse Studios to anyone who is looking for a professional but friendly place to make a demo."
(Rob Brown & Si Howes, NEVERFADE, Oswestry, Shropshire)

February 19th 2003
"When my husband told me that, for my 30th Birthday, he'd arranged for me to spend 2 days in a recording studio, I was really excited, but apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. I got some ideas together, then suggested these to Jane and Philip, who were very encouraging. It was decided that I would get the most out of the experience if I actually composed something myself, so I finally plucked up the courage to do just that, although I was far from happy with my finished work. Within hours of arriving at the studio though, my composition was beginning to take shape, with the help of Philip and Chris. They were clearly very knowledgeable about all the technical aspects of recording and instinctively knew which direction to take my composition in, to create the best effects. It was really exciting, watching my song develop, layer on layer, as they experimented with different rhythms, voice accompaniments and harmonies, (all in discussion with me), making my song into something I could actually be proud of - despite my initial feelings about it.
I was initially hoping to get more than just one song done in the time, but now I know how much effort has been put into mastering the one piece, I'm glad that it's been done really thoroughly, rather than ending up with something second-rate. It's been a really memorable experience, a really unique present and I'm left with something truly professional. Thank you very much!" (Ilsa Moon, teacher, Swansea).