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About Us

Who we are
The Beehouse Recording Studio was established in 1996 and we have continued to offer outstanding recording studio experiences for all ages and abilities. The recording studio experience comes in many shapes and sizes. Ranging from the traditional pop star experience singing to backings to musicians' recording days such as the piano experience, from hen party recording studio experiences to music production experiences for budding engineers, or the singer songwriter and songwriter experience or guitar experience.

How much time will I get?
A day in our professional studio still only costs £199.75, with five hours to create your own personal CD. There is also a three hour mini-experience available at £135, and now also a four hour experience. Or two consecutive days at £350. If you are in doubt about how much time you need, please give us a call to chat things through.

Who is it meant for?
All recording studio experiences are absolutely suitable for complete beginners in a recording studio, although any previous experience is a bonus! Beehouse Recording Studio Experiences are tailored to the individual. All, however, share the same general features - click here for info. We offer singing, and musician-based recording experiences, songwriter and music production sessions, childrens' parties, hen parties and corporate days.

The Beehouse recording studio is set in a beautiful remote location in the depths of Mid-Wales.

Contact us
If you have any questions or wish to contact us you can call us on 01691 649044