Recording Studio Reviews

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Music recording experiences at the Beehouse are available to seasoned performers and novices alike. We take the basic recording studio experience and let you mould it to your particular musical needs. For example, we offer a bass guitar experience where you can record bass and guitar lines to your favourite tracks, or in fact record your own music, with the bass being played in by you, and the remainder being performed by studio staff or yourself - or in fact your guests. You may put in your own vocals during your experience if you wish, or we may arrange for a singer to add vocals where required - all culminating in a unique and commercial quality CD. Piano experiences are often dictated by the very clear production ideas of pianists and keyboard players. You may play piano unaccompanied, or add in other instrumentation in. Piano experience days are some of our most creative ventures...! The Beehouse has also offered a French horn experience coupled with a vocals experience to create some Elton John covers, to give you an idea of the scope of what we can do.

If you know someone who's musical and would appreciate a chance to make a record of some of their skills, or extend their experience of their instrument in a lovely informal setting, the our voucher for three or five hours makes a superb Christmas , birthday, anniversary or graduation gift. We are based in a beautiful and unique location on the Wales Shropshire border not far from Welshpool. Check out our websites at the following links:

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