Recording Studio Reviews

Monday, December 01, 2008

Sorry to have been quiet for so long. The good news is that the beehouse has just re-vamped its recording studio site "Coolstars" for the new season, and we'd like you all to rush over there and let us know what you think. This site has been a long time coming, but e hope it's worth the wait, and that any minor glitches are ironed out straight away.

To complement our new site the Beehouse has developed our studio facility and redecorated the interior in line with our professional style experiences. the vocal and recording booth now has beautiful new decor, including a mirror wall, mood lighting and a new entrance from the rear to give easy access to the WC.

This new development also gives a private waiting area for guests, as well as the studio lounge, which they are free to use is they wish. We hope the new facilities will be appreciated by all our customers - they have been projected for many moons! Photos of the new control room and recording area will be posted to the blog and the website over the next week.