Recording Studio Reviews

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We’ve had a busy few months here at The Beehouse. To ensure we are providing the best possible music production The Beehouse Recording Studio has recently undergone a major revamp, reorientation and technical upgrade. We have been fortunate enough to acquire the main monitoring system from the now defunct Forge Studios in Oswestry. They are super high quality dynaudio M3A’s as used by The Prodigy. We have upgraded the soundcards to Mark of The Unicorn – MOTU 2408 mk 3 which now gives us full 96 ktz capability throughout the entire recording, mixing and mastering process. Our front end is a fully loaded Yamaha 02R96 mixing desk with up to 72 channels of digital and analogue inputs. Recording is still done using Cubase SX3 and Protools but is soon to be upgraded to Cubase 5.

To assist Phil in the Studio we have enlisted the help of music producer Tony Skeggs (renowned singer songwriter) to help us with the ever increasing number of Recording Studio Experiences. Tony not only comes to us with his wealth of expertise but brings his own inimitable style and sense of fun to proceedings.

Over the past few months we have been very excited to have had Molan Spectrum in the Studio. An amazing new innovative musical collaboration consisting of several vocalists producing songs written by Molan songwriter Jan Mosiewicz and developed by Lane & Lane Music. On the brink of release is the new single ‘Rock off and Die’ by Molan Spectrum featuring Dangerous Dave on vocals. The video to accompany the release of the single is currently in production. The studio has been inundated with Recording Studio Experiences - vocalists, songwriters, drummers and bands from all over the country all of whom have been a joy to meet and work with. We have been amazed by some of the impressive talents we have come across, many of whom we have requested back to work on other projects with us.