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Thursday, July 15, 2010

You may not find out very much about the elusive Molan Spectrum from their website. Still, some things are best left unsaid. Search the website for clues, if you're curious that way.....

To avoid falling under the hypnotic spell of the abysmal catastrophe,go direct to
the inner sanctum, and view their salacious offering, "Rock Off and Die" directly on your computer. A tale of spurned love and business deals with a very unlikely ending. Frustratingly addictive.

Or see it on Youtube at this link : Rock Off and Die.

The only pop video you'll see where the furniture also smoulders, in the deeply unsavoury setting of a transport cafe.

Rock Off and Die is an eclectic masterpiece featuring the oddly endearing vocals of Sir Dangerous Dave. Once infected, you'll need to hear those inspiring lyrics again and again to chant to your boss, unloved ones or just yourself on an off day. DeLorean fans and other anachronistic idolisers will appreciate the appearance of not one, but four of the legendary car icons, and their disappearance into broad daylight in a stream of fire.

Unfortunately, once heard, you won't be able to resist requesting this track to play to all your nearest and dearest at time of family crisis.

Look out for the sequel :

"Hit the Floor"

in which Dave exploits the Scandinavian clubbing market with a brilliant dance track which is bound to irritate - chafe even.

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All tracks recorded at the Beehouse.