Recording Studio Reviews

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I had a such a great time at The Beehouse Studios. My brother booked out the studio for a day as part of my fantastic Stag Weekend and only told me about it THE NIGHT BEFORE we were due to go into the studio hahaha! So we had one (drunken) evening to write a song and then get it down in the studio the next day. I actually wrote the drum part on the fly, and wrote the lyrics in the car outside whilst my brother and the guys laid down the keys and guitar parts!

It was such a great experience, made all the more enjoyable and hassle free by the fantastic, professional team at The Beehouse. Phil really knew his way around the studio and we watched open mouthed as he corrected notes, tightened things up and mixed it all at a speed of knots!! The final product, although very silly (as it was intended) is really fantastic – I don’t think we’ll be climbing to the top of the charts with “Follow Through” but the quality of recording was certainly good enough for national radio play (I know that for a fact, as I played it on Kerrang! last Sunday!! Haha).

An all-round great experience and the music video element was the icing on top of the very tasty cake.

Commercial Programming Manager
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