Recording Studio Reviews

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Party Recording Session Success

In May 2016 I had the pleasure of spending the day in the studio with Phil and Jane of Beehouse/Hookstick. I've known them for some time now as I teach their (very talented!) son Henry piano, and I have spent time in and around the studio in the unique and idyllic setting of the Llanfyllin Dolydd, however I was yet to enjoy the experience of being a recording musician at Beehouse. This day was to be different!

A couple of my students play for a local girls football team, and had been having a particularly good season. As a unique way for them to remember this time of their lives, their father approached me about writing a song with the girls and getting it recorded, with the hope of promoting and celebrating the team. I loved the idea immediately and we set about writing the song. I knew instantly where the song should be recorded, and got straight on to Phil Lane.

The production of this song from it's conception to completion was no mean feat. We had a limited time to compose the song, and then only one weekend where everyone was available to record it. Not to mention that the stars of the show were a team of 11 teenage footballers (not experienced musicians) who would have to pile into the studio to record their vocals. As I said, it was no mean feat for any of us –

- except for Phil Lane.

From the moment I got into the studio to record the skeleton track for the girls to sing to Phil, who had been busy recording all week and had made special concession for us on this weekend, was so swift, alert and efficient at his craft that it defied belief. Drums and bass tracks seemed to emerge instantaneously, only the exact number of required takes were recorded – no need for excess. In only a couple of hours we went from having a song which existed almost entirely within my own head to a fully blown orchestrated track with over 20 singers, 3 guitars, piano, organ, drums, bass, ukelele and baritone horn. Not to mention the rap!

Those few hours also saw Phil and Jane conceive and record a complete video to accompany the song. For the girls and their parents this was a truly enjoyable, exciting and rare experience – especially for the ones who learn an instrument. For me it was such a pleasure to watch Phil work, nothing was too big an ask, every possible problem was promptly fixed. I look forward to my next experience in the Beehouse studio.

Patrick Gough June 2016