Recording Studio Reviews

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Accommodating and Friendly...awesome recording session!

The recording session at the beehouse studio was awesome! I stayed over for two nights at the Workhouse hostel, which is a very lovely and comfortable hostel (shared kitchen, clean toilets, blankets,... ) just beside the studio itself. In the regards of the studio, Jane and Phil, despite their long time experience in producing music, are both very accommodating and friendly and that made everything very smooth and enjoyable. I think that when you record your own music it's easy to get disappointed and stressed about it, in these terms it is fundamental to feel at ease with those you're doing the work with. They overall helped me out with the production of the song, suggesting what they thought was better change/add/edit and what not to achieve the result I aimed at. I'm absolutely happy with how the recording session went and would love to come back one day soon to do some more recordings.

Sam, Bologna, Italy.