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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This first entry is to list all the activities we get involved in at the Beehouse, which is based near to Llanfyllin, between Oswestry and Welshpool on the Powys Shropshire border.

The Beehouse - Recording Studio and Disco Booking

The Beehouse is a trading name for Mantra CDs and Recording, offering recording studio services, mobile and fixed sound systems and media related services. Amongst these are specialist and non-specialist recording studio experiences and recording sessions, songwriting and arranging, music production alongside disco booking and live entertainment supply. The overriding watchwords of the Beehouse Recording Studio Products are flexibility and musical professionalism. Our recording sessions, days and services are versatile events where we try to include whatever services are reasonably required by the artist during the allocated time.

The Beehouse is in a very beautiful location on the Wales Shropshire border, in Powys, near to Welshpool, Oswestry and Shrewsbury. we find the location adds to artist commitment - there are no distractions apart from the view! A family business, Jane and I are committed to working locally on music development - music lessons, local youth music ventures, as well as bringing a variety of valuable music-writing and creative skills to the national and international scene. Our existence her is very organic and three dimensional, and we hope the genuine nature of our services is well understood.

To view a synopsis of each of our product sites you need to click on the links below, or simply scroll down. From the synopsis you may either visit the site or make an enquiry. We hope to cater for most markets depending on the budget available, and below we have listed our major music and recording services and products in detail. If there's a service missing that you would like to see available, please get in touch, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Mantra CDs and Recording Recording, Mastering, Duplication
The Beehouse Recording Studio
Megaviz Music Websites
Coolstars Recording Studio Experiences
Buzzpages Business Directory
Jane Lane Music Gifts
Simfony Original Tracks
Qamus Team Building
Lane and Lane Songwriting and Arrangement
Jane Lane Music Products Christmas Gifts
The Beehouse International International Recording Facilities
C'mon Records Record Label
Classicgraphix Design
MantraSound Discos Disco Booking
Giggerlist Entertainment Agency
MantraSound PA Hire
Receptionz Weddings Disco and Live Music Booking

Mantra CDs and Recording
Mantra CDs and Recording providesa professional recording and CD mastering facility, with short-run duplication as a further service adding enhanced value to our recording packages. Mantra have a tried and tested specialism in folk and dance recordings as well as a strong track record in choral and choir albums and EPs. This website also provides access to our recording studio experience range, with fun professional experience days of 5 hours in piano, drums, drum beats, keyboards,guitar experiences of all types and virtually any other instrument you care to record. These are available at £199.75 at the time of this blog, and provide excellent value for money. Professional packages include a flexible studio day currently costing £180 for 6 hours, followed by a lowered cost day for subsequent days. Mantra production engineers and arrangers provide both high quality accurate digital recording facilities and creative input into your arrangements where required, with song-writing also available, all within a friendly and informal context. The studio provides for full band recordings and offers a location recording service at a rate from £35 per hour.

Mantra CDs and Recording - General Enquiry - Mastering Enquiry - CD Duplication Enquiry - Restoration Enquiry

The Beehouse
The Beehouse is our studio trading name. At the Beehouse we offer both commercial recording sessions, and recording experience days for the uninitiated. Our recording studio experience range of packages provides for anyone form the straightforward vocalist or singer-type packages to instrumental recoirding and creative songwriting. Soloists are welcome , but we also cater for Hen Parties, Stag Parties and corporate days out. With music production and song arrangement at the top of our agenda, we frequently provide recording studio experiences for songwriters who would like the opportunity to hear their musical ideas brought to life. The Beehouse has an well-developed market in Shropshire, the Midlands and Wales, although we ofetn play host to artists are songwriters from much further afield, due to the specialist field we have in song interpretation.

The Beehouse Recording Studio - General Enquiry Form - Detailed Enquiry Form

Megaviz Website Design is our own web design and optimisation company with a focus on music website design and development. All of our highly successful websites were created by Megaviz, which specialises in SEO and designs highly optimised websites aimed at specific target markets. In this we have been highly successful.

Megaviz Website Design - General Enquiry - Detailed Enquiry


Coolstars is the brand of Recording Studio Experience developed by the Beehouse and Mantra CDs and Recording to cater for inexperienced or first-time recording artists, musicians, songwriters, singers. As explained above, our standard and hallmark recording studio experiences are 5 hours in length with a CD at the end, costing £199.75, although we do offer a 2-day package for £350 which is also very popular. The 5-hour experience has evolved from 10 years' trial and error with a number of different formats. It is a package we feel offers the most by way of an insight into the recording process, whilst still being a great deal of fun, and enables the artist to get the most out of the facilities available, and to find a level of self-knowledge about materials and styles which would not be possible in a "booth experience". With the five hour package we achieve a high rate of satisfaction that would be impossible to achieve from a shorter more superficial recording experience. This can be seen by the rave reviews on our on our website visitors' page, of which we are justly proud.

Recently we have started looking at a shorter experience for children. The studios are family oriented with a number of cats and dogs on the very rural premises, and we have had a number of very successful young singers and musicians, accompanied by parents of course, who have enjoyed our sessions immensely. At the present time we are developing a 3- hour gift package, or kids' mini-experience for the under 12s.

Coolstars Recording Studio Experiences - General Enquiry Form

Buzzpages is our own Business Directory offering great visibility to local services. With the majority of advertisers in Shropshire, Wales or the Midlands, this is where we aim our pages. Basic Datapages in Buzzpages cost £45 per annum, whilst the heavily optimised and powerfully accurate Superlink pages, giving a very accessible portal to an existing website cost £75. Buzzpages has acquired a strong reputation for website optimisation and SEO, paricularly useful to isolated businesses in remote areas.
Buzzpages Directory - Superlink Application - General Enquiry

Jane Lane Music Gifts
Jane Lane is the Jane's offering to the non-specialist public who would like to buy a creative gift. With the Jane Lane website we hope to offer a more approachable face to the recording studio products we offer. Through this website, we make ourselves available to discuss the music services provided at the Beehouse from a gifts perspective, presenting a hopefully less intimidating front to our clientele in search of Christmas, birthday or anniversay The gifts range from studio experiences to CDs recorded as a present for a loved one, or self-penned songs with a specials message. Ultimately, Jane Lane Products showcases the music gifts available from the Beehouse in a variety of ways to make them more accessible to the general public. Visitors to the site are encouraged to email with gift ideas and recording suggestions which they would like to carry out. The site provides for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, retirement gifts, 18th and 21st birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, Valentine's gifts, and a whole variety of other gifts for various occasions.
Jane Lane Music Gifts and Services - General Enquiry - Price List

Simfony is a new website where we are hoping to showcase the creative products of our Recording Studio Experiences. As time goes by we hope it will represent us with a series of original samples to bring our products to the forefront of the recording Studio Experience sites, and to demonstrate that we genuinely offer what cannot be achieved elsewhere - professional and exciting results from studio experiences...! Time more than anything will be they key to this website - we really hope we have enough time to stock it with some of our favourite recording moments!

Qamus Team Building
Qamus Team Building provides sculpted Team Building Recording Experiences for corporate events. The Team Events idea seeks to use music as a motivator and to bring together various elements in a session where the final product is a CD everyone can enjoy with copies for all. In some instances the final product could be an advertising anthem or jingle of substantial use to the company in the future. Our team for this type of event includes other hand-picked specialists with very focused talents to contribute.

Qamus Team Building - General Enquiry

Lane and Lane
Lane and Lane website presents myself and Jane in our favourite arena - that of songwriting. With forty combined years of work and development in song-writing music production and arrangement our team works intuitively in complementary areas to provide you with either complete songs or arrangements to your melodies. Bring us a simple hummed melody or set of lyrics and watch it transform (with your input most importantly) into a song or composition according to the style you require, also supplying a vocalist to finish the product should this be necessary.

Jane Lane Music Products
This is another version of the Jane Lane shopping experience oriented towards the Christmas present.
Jane Lane Music Gifts and Services - General Enquiry - Price List

The Beehouse International
The Beehouse International approaches our international clientele, making them aware of our products and facilities as well as the backup linguistic services we can provide. With speakers of French, German Arabic and some Spanish and Italian, we are confident that our studios provide an open-minded approach to the world music market. Like the Beehouse, the international site offers professional recording sessions , music production, recording studio experiences and mastering facilities as well as short run duplication.

C'mon Records C'mon Records is the record label for the Beehouse. Currently in a data collection 'phase we hope to move into more substantial artist marketing over the next two years. C'mon Records is an independent non-specialist label.
C'mon Records Record Label and CD Distribution - Artist Profile Form

Classicgraphix Graphic Design - General Enquiry

MantraSound Discos and Giggerlist Entertainment Agency
Mantra CDs and Recording is also pleased to be able to offer to the public a range of disco and entertainment booking facilities. Due to our extensive knowledge of the world of entertainment, we are privileged to be in contact wit a wide variety of well qualified professional entertainers and DJs. Booking through us means that customers are always offered a DJ or entertainer who presents with Public Liability Insurance PAT testing certificates and other relevant certification, and who is prepared to apply diligent preparation and flexibility to customer requirements.

MantraSound is sensitive to customer budget, although this always has to be balanced against our insistence on the recommendation of highly professional, tried and tested DJs with the experience to liaise professionally with the customer and achieve a good balance between customer requirements and a good night's entertainment. Please click here to view the areas we cover and the different possibilities we can make available for your entertainment.

Giggerlist Entertainment Agency - Artist Application Form - Entertainment Availability Form MantraSound Disco - Availability Check - General Enquiry
MantraSound PA Hire - Availability Check - General Enquiry

Receptionz is the weddings oriented MantraSound website, offering wedding discos and wedding entertainment on a regional basis.

MantraSound Disco - Availability Check - General Enquiry

Other general links
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children's recording experiences (Kids Mini Experience)
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drumming experience
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MantraSound Disco Agency brings you a reliable disco service for weddings, corporate events and private parties. All our DJs agree to PAT testing and all hold Public Liability Status. Our playlist, agreed with the customer, ensures a disco to customer tastes and preferences and a style of DJ performance which reflects the client's expectations. A good service well done. Now offering a popular karaoke DJ service and PA Hire in most areas also.

Aberdeenshire DJ
Bedfordshire DJ
Berkshire DJ
Birmingham DJ
Bristol DJ
Buckinghamshire DJ
Cardiff DJ
Cambridgeshire DJ
Cheshire DJ
Cornwall DJ
Cumbria DJ
Essex DJ
Gloucester DJ
Gloucestershire DJ
Herefordshire DJ
Leeds DJ
London DJ
Manchester DJ
Northamptonshire DJ
Pembrokeshire DJ
Powys DJ
Shropshire DJ
Sussex DJ
Warwickshire DJ
Wiltshire disco
Wolverhampton DJ
Worcestershire DJ
Yorkshire DJ

We also offer PA and karaoke services in all these areas.....