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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Songwriting Experience

A songwriter experience is probably about the most joyful and entertaining way to spend a day at a studio, particularly one as laid back as the Beehouse. The reasons for this are many, but the best thing is that all those ideas that have been locked up in your brain for years, with the frustration of not knowing where to start, can be released and take a tangible shape in a very satisfying and relaxing way.

This is one recording studio experience where artists need to give us as much information in advance about their project style. We can book in a vocalist for the sessions if required, but it is a good idea to know what style is involved so as to get the right singer.

The day begins with a quiet sit-down with our song arranger, Jane, who will coax the melody out of you, and determine, with your help, the basic harmonies. I say coax, because some, although not all of our songwriters, may be reticent about singing. So we can spend a little time just reflecting on the mood, and experimenting with different ideas. This part is fun and very rewarding when the right balance is found. Some songwriters are able to express their melody and harmonies if they play an instrument, which speeds things up, but if not we can work by trial and error.

Once the basic structure of the song is determined, we move into the recording studio where we lay down bass, drums, guitar, piano, and the vocal we will use. If you have hired the use of a singer this is an interesting phase, as the vocals will then come to life and be given shape and dimension. Many singers will bring a definitive style to the recording so this takes some discussion and direction. The songwriter is very welcome to sit with our engineer producer, Phil, and comment on and help shape what is being produced. This is indeed the part of the songwriter experience many non-musicians feel most at home with, since they are able to say if they want a particular instrument, and the way they want it included in their song.

Backing vocals are often added at this stage, and then the recording is edited and mixed into the form you can take away on your CD.

Songwriter experiences are welcome at the studio as they allow us to use the full range of our various expertise in producing something that is both catchy and rewarding for all involved. Of course other recording experiences are available for those who don't write their own music or lyrics, but this particular market is one which is largely unknown and unexplored by the general public.

More information on songwriter experiences or songwriting experiences is available at the Beehouse website where you can find also a great deal of information about other recording experiences available for the surrounding areas of Powys, Shropshire, Cheshire, the Midlands, Wiltshire and beyond. If you have any queries or items to add on the subject of instrumental experience days or singer experiences, please don't hesitate to add your comments to this blog. We welcome any new ideas or projects in this field